isn’t he just a kid
who found a box of paint
as he was running through Space?
He painted himself some friends to play
and then some toys and playgrounds.
He makes mistakes.
He makes masterpieces.
He spills the paint;
the red especially
makes the big mess.
And sometimes
he erases things and shakes the World
and makes us all afraid.





The boy is studying painting. He has a book that tells him “how to” and a table with toy soldiers which serve as his models, and he practices in a strictly geometrical garden (loosely based on the one at Versailles). Suddenly, a fairy-tale book which he had previously discarded begins to create something of its own: sleeping beauty wakes herself up and begins to pull herself out of the pages. Surprised and excited, he jumps up, knocking his rule-book and paintbrush to the ground and tipping over the red paint bucket, and the splashes from it begin to form birds which fly away.
Imagination always works better than logic :) --zoe